Welcome to our Mega Event. The Guide.

The BRUGSE BEER IX MEGA EVENT is getting closer every day.

On this page we want to get you familiar with the event site, the activities, the lay-out and the rules, …

Are you sleeping here?

  • Camping with a tent is possible on the event camp site. All information can be found on the Camping page; please also read the house rules upfront.
    • You’re welcome on the camp site starting from Friday 12pm. You don’t have to register, but keep your ticket closeby…
    • On Sunday the camp site must be abandoned at 5pm. Don’t forgot to take your waist with you.
    • Showers and toilets are available:
      • The outside toilets and showers (cold water) are always available. It might be handy to bring your own toilet paper.
      • A hot shower can be taken in the main building (Friday: 7pm-8pm // Saturday: 7am-9am + 6pm-8pm // Sunday: 7am-9am + 11am-1pm)
  • Camping with a camper, motor home or caravan:
    • If you have a valid ticket, then you’ll be staying on a dedicated parking space. Every user will receive an e-mail with an overview;
    • Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a space anymore if you don’t have a valid ticket. You’ll have to park along the road or on other dedicated parking spaces.
    • On the parking of the event camp site, there’s no space for campers and/or caravans.
    • Place your ticket behind your front window. This way we’ll be able to scan if needed;
    • Please read the motor home-page and the house rules.


On Friday you’re welcome on the Meet’n Greet .

If you bought a ticket in pre-sale, you’ll already be able to validate your ticket and you won’t have to do this on Saturday.
Validating your ticket and collecting your pre-ordered goods can be done during the Meet’n Greet between 7 pm and 10:30 pm. Please be patient as others will want to do this as well. We already thank you for your kindness and your patience.

If you don’t have a ticket yet, you’ll be able to buy a ticket on Friday as well. Please have a look at the ticket page to know which ticket you want and what the price is for that ticket.
You can buy a “NORMAL” ticket on Friday (and Saturday) for € 10, and a “LIGHT” ticket for € 8.
Children up to 13 years (max. 4 children) receive a free ticket with the purchase of a NORMAL.

Motor homes can’t stay on the parking of the Meet’n Greet during the night. This means you won’t be able to sleep there. On the public road, all general rules for parking and sleeping apply. At 11:45pm the bar closes. You can stay for a bit longer then, but at 12am event the event is over. Then it’s time for the organising team to go to sleep as we have to get up early to be able to present to with a superb Mega-event. Thank you!


On Saturday we expect you all on the event site in Bruges.

Via the links below you will get an overview of the event site and a more detailed plan. Handy, so you know immediately where you need to be on Saturday … Don’t waste time, do you?

Also keep in mind that the booth where you can charge the GPX in your GPS and / or smartphone will be available from 11:30 am in the large room at the “long table”, where you will also find the information booth.

What are the possibilities to start the event?

  1. Your ticket was already validated on Friday?
    1. If you have a NORMAL- or XXL-ticket, you’ll only need your little booklet and the GPX. Queue at the GPX-queue or queue for the booklet. Waiting in both queues at the same time is of course not possible J
    2. If you have a LIGHT-ticket, you’ll already have everything you need. You can start with the lab caches from 9am, have a cup of coffee, … or wait for your friends that have a NORMAL-ticket.
  2. Your ticket is not yet validated?
    1. Be welcome at the CHECK-IN! Here your ticket will get validated. Follow the instructions of our staff.
  3. You don’t have a ticket yet?
    1. Be welcomed at the other entrance to buy your ticket. Then go with your the ticket to the CHECK-IN and follow the instructions of our staff.
  4. You do not want to buy a ticket?
    1. You are welcome here. Thoroughly enjoy.
    2. You cannot participate in the lab caches, petling competition, tombola, etc.
    3. You can visit the shops, have a drink, and even eat something.

Be sure to pay a visit to the page of the lab caches. Know that from this year your lab caches can no longer log via the web player. This is only possible via the app. All details can be found on the website.
You will find a fill-in leaf in your pocket, here you can also see where you can find the lab caches.
Take into account the fact that with the app you have to be close to the location of the lab cache to be able to log it! If you are too far away, logging will no longer work …

Be sure to pay a visit to the attending shops. They’ll bring lots of nice things.

If you’re hungry: there will be fries, hamburgers, sausages, soup, veggie, cheese croquettes…

At the bar you will be able to buy some drinks.

Keep it safe on the roads if you’re chasing for a FTF…

Every paying participant can receive one ticket for the tombola. This ticket can be collected at the information desk between 4:30 pm and 5:25pm.

To participate at the tombola, you’ll have to be present. If you’re not present, you won’t be able to receive a price!

The tombola and the award ceremony of petling throwing competition starts at 5:30 pm sharp in the main hall. To receive a price from the petling throwing, you’ll have to be present as well.

The bar closes at 5:45pm. The event ends at 6pm. The parking closes at 6:45pm.

Everybody is welcome in OOSTKAMP for the CREATION CELEBRATION. Details on this page.


On Sunday there’s a CITO.

Are you coming as well to make the area a bit more clean? Be welcomed from 9am to 12pm.

We’ll have all the material present.

The event closes at 12:30 pm.

If you haven’t had enough yet, you’re always welcome to give us a hand with the cleaning afterwards.