Ticket pre-sale is closed.

On site you can buy a NORMAL ticket for € 10 and a LIGHT ticket for € 8.


Look at the overview carefully before clicking the ‘Get Your Tickets Now’-button and going to the ticket shop.

Children younger than 13 years (including children of 12 years, children of 13 years not…) can enter for free. On the tickets ‘XXL’ and ‘NORMAL’ it is possible to enter how many children are coming with you with a maximum of 4 children (younger than 13 years…).

The children tickets are mentioned on the paying ticket. With this ticket you can collect the children packages on the event.

This is not possible with the purchase of a ‘LIGHT’-ticket.

The mentioned price is the total price, including all costs and taxes.

   child < 13  LIGHT NORMAL XXL
 free  6 €  8,50 €  26,50€
 Exclusive Eventcoin        
Exclusive card game
(Nl, Fr, Eng, De)
 Wooden Coin        
 Petling throwing        
 Incl. childres < 13 jaar on ticket
(incl labcache, petlingwerpen en tombola)
     max. 4  max. 4

After ordering your XXL or Normal ticket, you will be able to indicate the accompanying number of children who are younger than 13 years. The number of children will be mentioned on the ticket itself. This is not possible with a Light-ticket.

Start off the event on a good note and enjoy our breakfast: croissants and a delicious cup of coffee.

Price: €6/person.

Book a place for your tent (no RV’s!) on the Event Camping. Please also read the camping rules.

Price: €7,50/person

Book a place for your RV (caravan, camper or motor home) on the Camper Camping. Please also read the camping rules.

Price: €22

When buying a ticket, your requested to provide your number plate and if you’re coming with a motor home or a caravan.

Visit to the FORT LAPIN brewery.

Pay a visit to the FORT LAPIN brewery and get a tour through the brewery and bottling plant. Take part in a tour and enjoy a beer tasting of one of the eight delicious beers of the brewery where you will be introduced to the secrets of serving beer. Visits are possible from 10 am to 5 pm (last tour). Visit are possible every hour.

Price: €6,50/person.