SUNDAY, APRIL 12th, 2020


09u00 – 12u00: Cache In – Trash Out

The purpose of a CITO is to collect garbage whilst geocaching. Therefore don’t forget to bring your GPS!
We will foresee all the needed material like garbage bags, … You will be able to choose between different zones to collect garbage in. Around 12:00 we will meet at a central location in this zone to centralize the collected garbage.
The locations will be announced on the event. At these locations you will be able to sign the log book as well.
What do you need to bring yourself?
We will foresee garbage bags, gloves and litter pickers. You will need to bring your own fluorescent vest.
Also don’t forget to load some caches from the neighbourhood into your GPX (+- 20 km around Oostkamp).
Subscribe: Please add a ‘will attend’, participation is free.

10u00 – 12u00: Easter egg hunt

Do you also want to join us for an Easter egg hunt in the park?