The mobile home car park is open continuously from Friday 12 April from 5 pm until Sunday 14 April. The vehicles left the site at 12 o’clock on Sunday, April 14 at the latest.
• A valid ticket is required to place your mobile home / caravan / camper. You can buy your ticket through the site. Place your ticket visible behind the windshield.
• The ticket entitles you to one parking space. The parking spaces are big enough for a typical mobile home.
• The parking spaces are indicated by the organization. Drivers will always come to the organization before parking.
• When parking, the guidelines of the coordinator must be followed and if the car park is to be vacated, the same place must be taken on return.
• On Sunday, April 14, the car park has to be evacuated at noon.
Every driver is responsible for cleaning up his / her own piece of parking space. All waste will be spontaneously taken away.
• Chemical toilets and / or other waste water will NOT be discharged / emptied on or around the site!
• What is FORBIDDEN?

◦We do not tolerate the use of any kind of drugs under any circumstances!
◦ Excessive drinking can lead to the removal of the camping site.
◦ No excavators are used. Dry berths are provided in case of highest flood.
◦ Fireworks and similar explosives are not allowed.
◦Sound noise can lead to immediate removal of the camping site.
◦Weapon use leads to immediate removal of the camping site!
◦Be sure: amokmakers are always relieved of the terrain by the local police. The organization will certainly not make a point of immediately calling in the local security services in the event of a disturbance.
◦ No power generators will be tolerated! The parking is meant to come to rest, not to celebrate!
◦ Dogs are on a leash. Dogs’ dogs also take care of cleaning up the needs of their biped. In case of absence, owners are removed from the site.
◦We respect each other’s sleep. We ask for general silence between 10 pm and 8 am.

• The organization can never be responsible for accidents, damage, theft in the parking lot.Every camper is deemed to be responsible for not leaving objects susceptible to theft.
• Prohibited objects (see Belgian Law) will always be taken. If necessary, by using security forces.
• Anyone who still finds it necessary to violate the above rules will initially be kindly asked to leave the car park. In the second instance, the removal of the camping site will be done by the local authorities.
• Tickets are never refunded on removal!
• The organization reserves the right at all times to amend the present regulations in order to guarantee the safety of the campers.
Every change to the present regulations will be posted on the site.

We wish you all a quiet, safe and quiet stay.