• The campsite will be opened continuously from Friday 12 April 12pm until Sunday 14 April. The campers have to leave the campsite by 5pm on Sunday 14 April.
  • A valid camping ticket is needed to place your tents on the campsite.
  • Cars are prohibited on the camping site. Even for loading and unloading. Cars can be parked in the Leliestraat (keep an eye on the traffic regulations) or on the official parking of the youth hostel a bit further in the forest.
  • A camping ticket entitles you to two nights per person and the use of the toilets and showers (the opening hours of the showers are published on the website.
  • Tents can be placed on the camping site ‘Laagland’ and ‘Hoogland’. Please refer to the map on the website.
  • Campers don’t have to register at the reception, however, they must be able to present their ticket at all times.
  • At 5 pm on Sunday 14 April the camping site should be empty. Every camper is responsible for cleaning up his/her own campsite. All trash should be brought spontaneously to the designated rubbish bin.
  • What’s PROHIBITED?
  • We don’t tolerate any kind of drugs!
  • Excessive alcohol abuse can lead to the removal of the campsite.
  • Excavators are not allowed. In case of a flood, a dry sleeping place will be provided.
  • Fireworks and similar kinds of explosives are not allowed.
  • Extreme noise disturbance can lead to the removal of the campsite. We request for silence at 10pm.
  • Use of weapons will lead to the immediate removal of the campsite.
  • Trouble makers will be removed of the campsite by the local police. The organisation will not hesitate to contact the local police in case of civil disturbance.
  • Extension cable are not allowed to foresee tents from electricity. The campsite is meant to get distressed and not to have parties!
  • Dogs have to be on a leash. Dog owners should clean up after their dogs. When dog owners lack to this, there’s a possibility that they will be removed from the campsite.
  • A small amount of cooking is allowed between the tents. Please keep in mind that this is dangerous. There’s NO electricity available.
  • We can’t prohibit you to smoke in the direct proximity of your tent. Keep in mind that this is not safe. Not only for yourself, but also for other people. In case of accidents or fire due to smoking, the damage will be recovered by the insurance of the smoker and not the insurance of the organisation!
  • At no times the organisation can be held responsible for accidents, damage or theft. Every camper is responsible for his own belongings. This also means not to leave things that can be stolen. The camper will also be responsible to extinguish fires.
  • On the camping site it is allowed to make a fire. However, this is only allowed in the fire barrels that are provided at the reception of the youth hostel after a registration (i).
  • Prohibited objects (see Belgian Law) will be taken away. If needed by the local police.
  • Persons that break the above rules, will first kindly be asked to leave the campsite. When this doesn’t work, the removal of the campsite will be done by the local police.
  • In case of removal of the campsite, tickets will never be refunded.
  • The organisation will always retain the right to adjust the rules to guarantee the safety of the campers. Every adjustment to these rules will clearly be stated on the campsite.

We wish you a calm, safe and quiet stay!


  • Stay calm.
  • Contact an employee of Merkenveld at the reception itself or by calling: 0(032)50/27.76.98.
  • The evacuation zone is located at the other side of the path.

When calling the emergency number 112, you have to indicate the following:

  • ‘With… (your name and surname)… calling from the scouts terrain Merkenveld, Hoogland campsite number 3, Merkemveldweg 15 in Loppem-Zedelgem.’
  • What happened? What is the emergency?
  • How many victims are there? How many persons are in danger?

Let somebody wait for the emergency services at the Merkemveldweg and contact an employee of Merkenveld.


POLICE: call 101

POISON CONTROL CENTRE: call 0(032)70/245.245

DOCTOR: Dr. Remaut and Dr. Sinnaeve, St-Laurentiusstraat 59, 8210 Zedelgem, call 0(032)50/208.528 (if possible, please make an appointment online)

STAND-BY DOCTOR IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: or call 1733 (from Friday 8pm to Monday 8am)

PHARMACY: Bouckaert, Groenestraat 189, 8210 Zedelgem, call 0(032)50/20.97.50


0(032)900/10.500 (or 0(032)903/922.48 between 10pm and 9am) (0,50 EUR/min for Belgian phones)

HOSPITAL: Algemeen Ziekenhuis St.-Rembert (10 km), St.-Rembertlaan 21, 8820

Torhout, call 0(032)50/23.21.11 or AZ St. Jan (12,6 km), Ruddershove 10, 8000 Brugge, call