Is this your first Brugse Beer Mega Event?
Or have you ever visited? Or maybe several times already?
Even then we are convinced that our “Guide” can be a welcome help in preparation for a fantastic event.
You can find our guide here.

Saturday night ?

Still not sure what you will do on Saturday 13 April after 6 pm?

We know it! You are welcome at our “Creation Celebration” event. We may call ourselves a proud host.

The list of all official “Creation Celebration” events can be found here.

The listing of our own event can be found on GW846W1.

And of course you will also find the information on our website here: PARTY!

An “Attended” will give you a souvenir in the “Cache Carnival” series.


Very good news !! We are proud to announce that 2 lackey’s will visit our Mega Event this year. For us this is an honor and we will receive the 2 lackey’s, Miss Jenn and Matt, with open arms. You, of course, too.