Geocaching Adventure Lab is a new way for geocachers to find and log Lab Caches.

Lab Caches are an experimental geocache type often played at Mega-Events. These caches count towards your geocaching statistics and total finds. In contrast to other cache types, Lab Caches are not required to have a container and can also be located indoors.

Groundspeak launches the Adventure Lab app to allow the lab-cache-players to increase their Lab Cache experiences.

UPDATE: The web player has gone offline and has definitively retired. So only with the app can the lab caches be logged!

What advantages does the Adventure Lab app offer?

  • Public Adventure Lab Directory: View all publically available Adventures (Lab Cache series), sorted by distance.
  • Location Validation: Lab Caches can only be logged by users currently within a predefined radius from the Lab Cache. This is an often requested feature from builders who wish to limit cheating by people who do not actively complete the experience.
  • Lineaire gameplay: Adventure creators may choose for their Lab Caches to be played in a specific order, allowing for more creative storytelling.
  • The app supports localization in 29 languages.

What is the new terminology?

  • The product colloquially known as Adventures or Labs is now Adventure Lab.
  • Individual Lab Caches are now Locations in an Adventure.

The app is available for both Android and for iOs.

What about the Lab Caches we offer on BBIX?

You play the Lab Caches this year at 2 locations: on the site of the main event in Vives and on the site of our ancillary location, Oostcampus.

You’ll find signs at both locations withthe number and name of the Lab Cache and what is expected of you.

You can download an overview below from what we will serve you. Read this document through so that you’re well prepared for the adventure to start. For some Lab Caches (Locations) you have special tools required. For example for #18, you could use the following sheet very good…

Below you will find an entry sheet. Record on this sheet the codes of the Lab Cache Codes you’ve found in order to log them at a later time-point in case you’re not using the app. You’ll also be able te find the locations of the Lab Caches and the different ways to log them.